Personalized SMS Marketing

The Benefits Of Personalized SMS Marketing

Engaging with customers or potential customers on a personal level inspires trust, loyalty and simply makes them feel special. SMS marketing provides the opportunity to communicate more personally. There are many ways in which this type of mobile marketing campaign can be tailored to meet personal needs to varying degrees.

The form of address is perhaps one of the most important. Sending a message that is addressed to a person’s first or last name will make it more likely that they will open the SMS and read the contents. SMS’s that have a general address line such as “To Whom It May Concern” or none at all are less likely to encourage reading and action.

Another important form of personalizing an SMS mobile marketing campaign is to use the first person narrative. Using words such as “you”, “your”, “you’re”, etc, allows a person to feel as if they are being spoken to directly and that they are the only ones that are being addressed.

A second person narrative works well with first person narratives in SMS marketing. First person speaks from the point of view of the business using terms such as “we”, “us”, etc. The SMS can be further personalized to a specific sender from within the company such as the CEO or sales manager where the narrative will then be “I”. A message cannot be more personal than when “I” is speaking directly to “you”.

Knowing and understanding a target market for a specific campaign is also essential. If the campaign is aimed at young students it should sound very different from an SMS targeting older professionals. The style and tone that is used in the SMS can go a long way towards ensuring that a person feels like they are being spoken to and not a whole list of people who have received exactly the same message with the same offers.

Last but not least, understanding the individual has become more important than ever. What are their preferences and interests and what attracts them? Keeping a record of past purchases and preferences provides the opportunity to predict what an individual person would most likely buy in the future and therefore be attracted to. An SMS that is specifically tailored to take into account the individual wants and needs of a person is the pinnacle of personalizing an SMS marketing campaign.

While bulk SMS campaigns will simply not deliver the benefits of personalizing messages, there are many platforms that have realized the importance of the personal touch and have incorporated new features in order to address individuals in a way that best relates to them.

Research shows that businesses that go the extra mile to personalize a marketing campaign and integrate strategies like SMS marketing to communicate directly with customers can experience up to a 19% increase in sales. Add a discount voucher or coupon to the mix and this figure jumps to 39%.

Experience greater customer loyalty and retention by personalizing a SMS mobile marketing campaign and reap the rewards.

The Key Benefits Of SMS Marketing For Small Businesses

Hundreds of thousands of businesses open every year. So to get ahead of the competition, small business owners must reevaluate their marketing campaign. And one of the most promising marketing strategies is bulk SMS marketing – and it’s easy to see why. So if you thought of ignoring text marketing or believed that SMS was just a means of making announcements, it’s time you changed your perspective.

Did you know that 96% of Americans own a cellphone? And 98% of SMS get read? Given this, it’s hard to continue sitting on the fence regarding the issue of SMS marketing.

What Is SMS Marketing?

Bulk SMS marketing is an efficient way to communicate your marketing campaign promptly, be it confirmations, coupons, reminders, sales, or alerts with a predetermined group. SMS marketing is suitable for all industries, including restaurants, and give’s your business the opportunity to directly reach consumers – of course, with the added advantage of your target audience being able to text you back. Here’s an overview of how businesses can use SMS marketing:

– Notifications
– Advertising opening hours
– Announcing new stock, offers and other sales
– Delivery updates
– Reminders
– Requesting feedback

Benefits Of SMS Marketing

1. It’s Cost-Effective

SMS marketing is not only highly effective in delivering your brand message, but it is also a very cheap channel for marketing your brand. SMS marketing is quite affordable, regardless of how many customers you want to reach or where they are. This makes SMS marketing quite attractive to small businesses that might not have a big advertising budget.

2. It’s Instant

Unlike other means of advertising like letterbox marketing, you can be confident that as soon as you hit the send button, your target audience will receive the text message right away. Text messages are typically sent within seconds, which makes them perfect for alerts, announcements, exclusive offers, and other time-sensitive messages. Also, even if a phone is switched off, the message will still be delivered once the phone is switched back on.

3. Easy To Customize

SMS marketing offers incredible versatility, and you can pretty much customize your content any way you want to suit your target audience. You can choose what time to send text messages and even personalize messages. Personalized text messages foster loyalty among your existing clients because they make them feel special.

4. Clear & Precise

Another benefit of SMS marketing is that text messages are short and get straight to the point. Therefore, customers won’t be left wondering what kind of message you were trying to deliver. Also, the fact that they are short and precise makes the open rate pretty high since people know that they are not long and tedious.

5. Automation

One of the most amazing benefits of SMS marketing is automation. For starters, SMS marketing does not can be done even by a novice and does not require any special skills. Also, you can schedule text messages to be sent at a specific time and date so that they can reach your customers at the right time.

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