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What Is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing, aka “short message service marketing”, uses permission-based text messages to advertise your business and promotions, or to offer customer support. It’s used by millions of businesses, both large and small, to drive engagement and to provide a better customer service experience. Here’s how it works.

Step 1. Set up a keyword and shortcode.

Once you sign up for NiftyText, we’ll supply you with a phone number that you can easily promote to your customers through your website or any current marketing you’re doing. Pick a keyword to assign to your phone number, and we’ll do the rest. Start promoting weekly specials, new items, coupon codes for referrals, and so much more with this first step!

Step 2. Expand your list and send auto-responses.

Let us set up your SMS marketing so that as soon as customers text your keycode you add them to your list. The larger your list grows, the more people you can target with your next campaign. Our system lets you easily send an auto-response as soon as new customers opt-in to your text marketing service. Maximize your marketing efforts with powerful SMS marketing that puts you literally in your customer’s hands.

Step 3. Use Text Marketing to improve engagement.

Besides campaigns, text marketing can also be used to encourage engagement with your target audience. With a 98% open rate, you can’t miss this opportunity to improve engagement with your brand.

Step 4. Start sending your texts!

Once you sign up for NiftyText, we’ll help you connect with your audience clearly and effectively. Our unique system is incredibly user-friendly, so simply let us know what you have in mind and we’ll make it happen.

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