NiftyText Streamlines Communication Between You & Your Customers With a Suite of Powerful SMS Marketing Features

Group Messaging

We take the hassle out of sending group messages to your list. NiftyText sends messages quickly, easily and simultaneously to your target audience. Our intuitive solution simplifies group text messaging so your messaging stays the same across the appropriate segments.

Schedule Messages

We make it easy to schedule messages for your audience. Set up a promotional text to coincide with your current campaign or create scheduled weekly messages to promote engagement, with this feature.

Picture Messaging

Humans are visual creatures. Plain text sometimes doesn’t cut it. Our picture messaging service helps your messages pop with powerful visuals. You can also use this feature to send videos to your audience to add even more flavor to your campaigns.

Text Polls

If you’re looking for feedback, there’s no better way to get it than through text messaging. Our poll feature allows you to ask for direct feedback through text polls. From asking what color is their favorite to what rewards they’d prefer, the sky is the limit for our text polls feature.


Our SMS marketing features include autoresponders. Easily segment your list with targeted autoresponder messages. Connect with your customers in a more meaningful way, all with our auto response text marketing.

Shortcode & Keyword

Once you start using NiftyText, we’ll give you a full 10-digit phone number for sign ups. This gives you access to an unlimited number of keywords for segmenting or promo tracking. Once you customer signs up, your outbound mass messages are sent via a shortcode for better delivery rates. This is one of the greatest advantages to using text marketing!

Schedule Messages

Want to send your message on a specific day, at a specific time? We can help! Our scheduling feature allows you to easily send scheduled messages to your audience. Use this feature when you’re running campaigns or need feedback for your new product.

Segmented Messaging

Marketing is best when it’s targeted. Our segmented text marketing allows you to send specific messages, promotions and offers to specific segments of your audience. Start using more intelligent marketing to get your message across, with NiftyText.

See Results in Real-Time

See the dollar amount your customer entered for the services they purchased from you. This allows you to compare the dollars spent on our service against the real money brought into your front door and your repeat business. You get a true ROI representation when you choose NiftyText.

Learn More About Our Incredible Features

From text-to-landline to contact importing, we offer all the features you need to successfully leverage SMS marketing for your business. We’ve created a suite of features that get you the results you want. Start using the world’s best marketing tool and start connecting with your audience today.