Hi, We’re NiftyText
Your Gateway to Affordable Text Marketing

Who We Are

NiftyText is the result of a targeted effort by two tech professionals to bring affordable SMS marketing to our audience. We proudly provide cost-efficient text marketing for clients in a wide variety of industries. Our services are fully customizable to ensure you get precisely what you need to maximize your marketing efforts. With years of experience in the text marketing industry, you can rely on our services for powerful results.

Our Mission

We believe that small businesses deserve quality marketing services. That’s why we created NiftyText. Your business isn’t complete without a powerful strategy, and we make sure you can access the potential that SMS marketing offers you.

What Defines Us

Our team is defined by the innovative solutions we develop. Small businesses can become far more competitive with the power of text marketing. Whether you want to drive repeat business to your store or create a unique campaign, our features help you do it.

If you’ve never heard of text marketing you’re not alone. There are countless small businesses that still don’t use this powerful marketing tool. It is the most underutilized marketing channel yet it has the highest open rate of any direct outreach marketing program. If you don’t know the power of text marketing, ask yourself, “when was the last time I ignored my phone’s text notification?” At NiftyText, we help small businesses like yours leverage the power of SMS marketing solutions.

One of the greatest advantages of text marketing is its diversity. It can be used for virtually any business, in any industry, for any marketing purpose. Even nonprofits and churches can benefit from SMS marketing tools. From sending group text information (think: special event functions) to sharing your latest deal or coupon, SMS marketing makes it easy to connect with the people you need to.

Our Easy to Use Platform

We know you don’t have time to learn how to use a complex tech-dashboard. That’s why we’ve made NiftyText incredibly simple. You can keep up you with your campaign stats, trigger new group messages, and communicate with your audience in a few simple steps. And if you do run into a question, our helpful team is here to answer it. Our commitment to better customer service and a seamless user-experience makes our services an easy choice.

Diversify Your Marketing

If you want to leverage the power of the world’s most useful marketing tool, then it’s time to join NiftyText. Explore our pricing options and our features to learn more about how your business can benefit from text marketing.

Start using NiftyText today for totally targeted outreach giving you better ROI on marketing campaigns