SMS Marketing

Reasons For Using An SMS Marketing Campaign

In the contemporary business world, marketing and gaining consumer numbers has never been so crucial given how steep competition is. There’s a limitless pool of prospective consumers who may be looking for the type of product and service you’re selling. So creating awareness of your brand is vital. How do you do this? List building and text marketing services are the answers you need. People today are increasingly becoming connected and mobile, which has made it challenging for modern marketers to achieve message outreach and engagement. Here’s how SMS marketing can be good for your restaurant business:

Automated & Integrated

The message delivery platform is automated and integrated, which will allow you to send targeted personalized messages across various channels from one message platform with ease. It will use any relevant information you have about the customer to customize the SMS marketing campaign. It also engages offline recipients and collects data by encouraging one to enter competitions, sign up to get coupons, and give you feedback. Chances are you’ll acquire more clients this way. SMS marketing will allow you to gain access to prospective and existing clients wherever they may be. It’s a fast and versatile solution to maximize brand outreach and ROI.


The best thing about SMS is that it’s compatible with every phone. You won’t need to worry about wait times for designs and campaign print-outs. One only needs to decide on the type of message they want to get across then send a bulk SMS directly to clients. You won’t need to alienate any customers or introduce any new technologies. Mobile marketing is immediate and has a 98% open rate in the first 3 minutes of reception. It’s an effective communication outreach method that guarantees quick results.

Generate Leads

It’s easy to set-up keywords that advertise your brand with SMS shortcodes. It’s a great list building technique that allows clients to opt-in. The shortcode can be an excellent way to spread exciting news about your restaurant and other special offers you offer. It provides you with loads of new contacts to engage and generates instant leads with minimal effort. The shortcode can be the product name or just a catchy word.

High deliverability of text marketing compared to other outreach methods.

– Unlike other outreach methods where accounts are dormant and rarely opened, 98% of SMS are opened in the first minutes of reception.

– With email marketing, chances are it will be disregarded as spam and junk mail. Text marketing is more personal and will get the message across to the right person.

– The text message will go to the intended individual with a higher chance of engagement and conversion rate.

– Text marketing is an effective way of selling to customers that have already been to your restaurant.

Using SMS marketing strategies is an effective and efficient way of generating message outreach, response, and engagement for your restaurant. This way, you’ll know what the clients want, distaste as well as get to address their complains to get repeat business, which is just as valuable as seeking out prospects. What are you waiting for? Get aboard the SMS marketing train and start reaping the fruits. With over 90% of people having their phones at hand, it’s evident where the clients are. Hence SMS marketing is undoubtedly the future!

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