Inspiring Customer Loyalty With SMS Marketing

Many business owners believe that marketing is only about attracting new customers. But what about the impact that it has on retaining a current customer base and how important is this to business success?

Constantly needing to attract new business can be a costly affair whereas inspiring loyalty from am existing customer base is cost-effective, easy to achieve and comes with a range of additional benefits. Marketing solutions that are aimed at retaining customers are therefore just as important as marketing strategy and techniques that target new customers.

Just think about it – there is no need to inspire a new customer to buy a product, pay for a service or visit a restaurant. They already know what to expect and simply need to be reminded that the business is there.

This type of customer loyalty is especially important in the restaurant industry where patrons tend to prefer to return to establishments where they had a good experience and enjoyed a meal. Often, loyal customers will return to order the same meal over and over again in an effort to relive the same experience.

SMS marketing is one of the best ways to build long-lasting relationships and inspire customer loyalty. It is a simple matter of implementing a regular campaign to inform customers of specials or discounts and to make them aware of the launch of a new products such as introducing a new item to the menu. These type of marketing campaigns serve to drive existing customers back to a business rather than go somewhere else.

An additional benefit of creating customer loyalty through a SMS marketing campaign is building a stronger brand. Loyal customers will learn to recognize branding that is unique to the business and be reminded of their past experiences by colors, sounds, slogans, logos etc. A strong brand is critical to business success and establishing new customer loyalty. However, SMS marketing is far more successful at supporting a brand when it is integrated into a comprehensive marketing campaign.

Mobile phones are the essence of communicating in the digital age and SMS marketing provides the simplest means of active and direct communication with customers. Good communication has proven to lie at the heart of encouraging customer loyalty.

Although digital marketing has greatly changed the landscape of marketing, there is one traditional marketing concept that still exists and is perhaps more important than ever – word of mouth. SMS campaigns allow message recipients to forward messages to friends, relatives, colleagues and acquaintances. These messages are usually forwarded on the premise that the new recipient would be interested in the message.

Loyal customers are therefore promoting the business and spreading the word – often without having to be encouraged to do so. Studies show that referrals or recommendations from a known person are far more likely to be followed up on. So at the end of the day, retaining a strong and loyal customer base can go a long way towards attracting those new customers which is the primary goal of marketing.

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