Custom Built Text Marketing Services at Affordable Rates

Industry leading SMS marketing on a small business budget. Learn how your business can enjoy major ROI with text marketing.

Tailor Your Marketing with NiftyText SMS Services

Completely Customized

Want to send a mass poll to your customers? Need a way to send targeted promotions? Our SMS marketing is completely customized to fit your goal.

One Flat Fee

No Hidden Charges or Contracts. Our text marketing services are available for flat rate fees and we never lock you into a contract.

Feature Rich

Whether you want to notify, promote or coordinate your business, our feature rich services make it easy.

Easy to Use SMS Marketing

Our SMS marketing offers convenient performance tracking and is 100% user-friendly for you and your customers.

Powerful Marketing Features for Countless Industries

NiftyText plans are ideal for small business marketing. Leverage your marketing dollars to reach the right customers with our powerful features.

Mass Text

Quickly send mass text messages to your entire contact list simultaneously. Highlight your new service or just bring your loyal customers back in the store.

Gather Data

Start gathering data with a simple text. Use NiftyText to send a message to your customers with an embedded link to your website where you can grab more insight from your customers (like birthdates, addresses, phone numbers and more).

Drip Campaigns

Automate messages for a quick response after a customer signs up or takes action with your business. Set up your messaging for single or multi-auto response.

Personalized Messaging

Easily personalize your messages for a specific target audience or for specific marketing campaigns. Hit your customers with dynamic marketing content uniquely designed for them, with NiftyText.

Integrate Your Autoresponder

Sync up your NiftyText messaging with your autoresponder campaigns for easy integration.

Any Business

We proudly work with any business that has consistent foot traffic and has a highly repeat usage pattern for their item or service or any business that requires instant communication with large groups of people, think churches, daycare and more!

Why Choose NiftyText for Your Business?

NiftyText provides comprehensive text message marketing features for your business. But what’s the advantage of using text marketing and is it worth it for your business? SMS marketing offers:

Best Open Rate of Any Marketing Service

SMS messages have a startling 98% open-rate.

Better Response Rate

Text messages have a 209% higher response rate than social media, email, and phone calls.

Text Messages Are Read in 3 Minutes

Research shows that text messages are read in an average of 3 minutes from their sent time.

Join Hundreds of Thousands of Businesses Using Text Message Marketing

Start using NiftyText today for totally targeted outreach giving you better ROI on marketing campaigns so you can reap the benefits of SMS marketing.